Trade in your Pressure Controller towards a CPC6050 

It's time to upgrade your existing pneumatic pressure controller to a CPC6050 Modular Pressure Controller. Get a credit of 20% towards the purchase of a new CPC6050 when you trade in a compatible Mensor model (CPC6000*, APC600 and PCS400). When you trade in a compatible non-Mensor pressure controller (PPC3, PPC4, Model 7250, PACE5000 and PACE6000), you will receive a credit of 15% towards the CPC6050. Fill out the form below so a Mensor representative can contact you about upgrading to a CPC6050. 

*Most CPR6000 sensors, except those with serial numbers starting with“62” are forward compatible with CPC6050

**Only available in the United States


CPC6000 Trade In