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Software to fit your needs

At Mensor, we want the customer to be in control.

From laboratory calibration software to internal instrument firmware, we give our customers easy access to downloads for version upgrades and the ability to communicate with the instrument.

In addition to these options, our instruments use command sets to address and communicate remotely. Multiple command sets are available in some instruments and always include the native Mensor command set, an optional SCPI command set, and emulation command sets (used to accommodate existing software that may have been written for a non-Mensor instrument). Each instrument manual will have a complete listing of available commands.

Software Types

Laboratory Calibration Software


The WIKA-Cal software is used for generating calibration certificates or creating logging protocols for pressure instruments, calibrators and controllers. Download the free demo evaluation version.

Benefits and features of WIKA-Cal:

  • Calibration of up to 7 test items
  • Templates for calibration certificates and logging protocols
  • Simple operation and setup
  • SQL database independent from Microsoft® Access®

Pressure Instrument Software

Operating Software for Mensor Pressure Instruments

The software that controls the touchscreen operator interface, control algorithms, and functionality of Mensor pressure calibrators/controllers, digital deadweights and indicators is occasionally changed to make improvements or to include additional functionality. Mensor makes it easy to upgrade if there is a need to take advantage of these improvements. Software can be downloaded to a USB drive and uploaded to the instrument.

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The Instrument Software section of the website provides downloads of the most recent version for pressure calibrators/controllers, indicators/digital pressure gauges, and digital deadweight testers, including: 

  • CPC4000 and CPC6050
  • CPC6050 Auto Ranging Single Output
  • CPC8000
  • CPC8000-H
  • CPA8001
  • CPD8500
  • CPG2500 (both old and new versions)
  • CPC3000
  • CPC6000

VIDEO: How to Download Software

How to Download Instrument Software and Install on a Mensor Controller

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to download Mensor pressure controller instrument software from the Mensor website and then install it on a Mensor controller. This video shows the process for a Mensor CPC6050 as an example, but this method can be used on other Mensor controllers equipped with a USB drive. Older controllers and indicators use a similar process that is noted at the end of the video. Instructions are included in the downloaded zip file that gives a full written procedure for all instruments.

PC Software

Software installed on your computer

The software in this category can be run on a Windows® PC. The PC Software section on the website contains the calibration utility program used to communicate and calibrate (zero, span and linearize) any Mensor transducer, whether standalone or internal to a controller or indicator. There is also instrument configuration software, a program used to communicate and calibrate the environmental measurement module (EMM) in the CPD8500, and an open source example program used for remote control of Mensor controllers, indicators and transducers.

Available software:

  • Calibration software for the CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Tester EMM
  • Calibration utility software for Mensor transducers
  • WIKA-Cal
  • Configuration software for CPT2500 and CPH6300
  • Open source example program


Interface Drivers

The Mensor website provides Windows® Interface and USB / Serial drivers used to communicate with WIKA and Mensor products using USB or Serial connections on a PC. These drivers facilitate communication when using Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Windows 2003 server. 

These drivers are used to communication with WIKA and Mensor handheld pressure calibrators and pressure calibrating controllers, such as:

  • Handhelds
    • CPH6200
    • CPH62I0
    • CPH6000
    • CPT6200
  • Controllers
    • CPC4000
    • CPC6050
    • CPC8000
    • CPC3000

LabVIEW Drivers

National Instruments™ LabVIEW Drivers

LabVIEW Drivers are provided for Mensor controllers, indicators and transducers. The multiple options available allow for easy integration of Mensor calibration instruments and transducers into your LabVIEW system, which mean less time programming! With built-in communication commands, these drivers provide a head start when using LabVIEW to control or monitor systems using Mensor calibration components.

Drivers are available for version 7.1, 8, 8.5, 2014 & 2017, which include Serial, GPIB, Ethernet and VISA. As new products are created, updated drivers are written and added to this page. 

LabVIEW Drivers are available for pressure calibrating controllers, digital pressure gauges, digital deadweight testers and pressure transducers, including:

  • CPT9000
  • CPT6010
  • CPD8500
  • CPC6050
  • CPC4000
  • CPC8000
  • CPC6000
  • CPC3000
  • PCS400
  • CPG2400
  • CPG2500

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Three different Mobile apps are available on the Mensor site. The "Mensor Units" app, available for iOS only is a pressure and temperature units conversion program . The "myWIKA Device" App (iOS or android) communicates wirelessly with the WIKA CPG1500 Digital Pressure Gauge. It can be used to configure the device, display current readings, or download logged readings at specified intervals over a defined time period. The "CPB-CAL" app (iPad only) computes the pressure generated by a deadweight tester given a specific set of masses and environmental conditions, or alternatively, a specific set of masses that will generate a desired pressure.

  • Pressure and temperature units conversion
  • Wireless Communication with the CPG1500 Digital Presure Gauge
  • Automation for manual deadweight testers

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